A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Orcs and DJs!
Torches and spotlights!
Skulls and shiny disco balls!

Dungeons & Dancers offers you the perfect plan: go partying without leaving your cave. This hilarious rhythm-based video game for PC and consoles mixes up the epic fantasy world with the present music scene to create a crazy adventure where the ultimate weapon is your rhythm skills.

Enroll yourself in an epic tour! Gather the best heroes and delve into the guts of the Dancegeons, musically cursed dungeons. Follow the rhythm to avoid falling prey to their traps, collect as many treasures as you can and escape before the time runs out!

Embody famous artists such as Strollex, creator of Dubgeonstep; dodge every trap with the swag of Justin Thiefberlake or leave your enemies with a poker face with the steps of Lady Gar-Gargoyle.

Dozens of other artists remain trapped in the depths of the Dancegeons. Rescue them and add them to your party crew!

Beat the rhythm and never stop partying!


  • Hilarious characters resulting from mixing up famous music stars with fantasy races. (In the demo you play as Strollex)
  • Simple and intuitive control system.
  • Music responsive scenarios that react to the player’s progression.
  • Stunning OST.


Use the directional keys or the D-pad to move to the music. The best you follow the rhythm the craziest the party will become! Avoid all the traps and enemies, collect all the treasures and scape before the time runs out!

Install instructions


To ensure the game's correct performance, make sure your device is using the dedicated GPU when executing the game.


Download and unzip the "DungeonsAndDancers_v_0_1_7.zip" file and execute the "DungeonsAndDancers_v_0_1_7.exe" file inside.


Download and unzip the "DungeonsAndDancers_v_0_1_7.app.zip" file and execute the "DungeonsAndDancers_v_0_1_7.app" file inside.


DungeonsAndDancers_0_1_7.zip 59 MB
DungeonsAndDancers_v_1_07.app.zip 63 MB


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While quite brief, this is a hell of a lot of fun! The dungeon crawler rhythm mash up works really well! But damn, I felt like I really had to focus to stay on beat! I'd love to see this with some gradually expanded mechanics and situations! Well done!

Hey! Thanks for the video! Glad you had fun playing! :D

The game is currently in production. This is just an alpha version to test the overall game mechanics. Stay tuned as we'll be posting some updates during the upcoming weeks. Along other improvements, the game will also be supporting Dance-Pad ;)